Today's poem is by Matthew Zapruder

Penultimate Poem

Let us walk one more time very slowly
to the famous meadow whose name eludes us
from there we can see the ghost ship
sail off the lake and into the clouds
let's speculate on where it has gone
and touch the glass thought animals and talk
about the machine that makes nothing matter
so totally it will never be different
our lives have already changed
and now we all have to go
back into the city and combine
pleasurably or at least well with the day
we will walk beneath the huge blue
gorgeous corporate windows and know
they are glass cases the figurines
inside them so carefully painted
they are almost completely alive
like our parents under the earth
their low voices in the kitchen say
they didn't mean anything by it and now
like great dead poets they understand us
just one more thing no matter how long
it seems it has been gone this feeling
everything you touch with your mind
so beautifully together belongs
will keep falling up into your life
like airplanes up into the miraculous
unremarkable sky over the harbor
and its great ships taking their names out to sea

Copyright © 2015 Matthew Zapruder All rights reserved
from Fourteen Hills
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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