Today's poem is by Peter Cooley


Heaven is only my next moment here
refusing ditch and furrow, seam and crossbeam,
the star in the grass refracting the whole sky—

I bow down, supine, my face all grass
after it's been all wind, surrendering
shapes I would give the world, shattering them all—

Meanwhile, the relentless pull of sky,
pull of earth, turning, pushed me onward,
far from my room, in countlessness whose count

eternities provide me. I'm the wind,
I'm sun arising, the moon between clouds
a veil, a curtain quivering, all light,

the tree I've never seen before'on fire,
the tree I planted ten years back, one tree
caught in fire, a fire brought to earth

by my shining. I'm seen by everything—

Copyright © 2015 Peter Cooley All rights reserved
from Pleiades
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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