Today's poem is by Laura Eve Engel

Movements Altogether

All around me there's
a present correctness
and the crumbling.
Those muscular birds
look like they belong
to the sea. They are
making everyone
nervous. I've gathered
my ethics into a small
stone pile. For maybe
a second I get it, the
whatever about birds
that makes them little
suitcases, only it goes
like What makes us
want to stuff our ideas
about beauty inside
them. Then I think
that I must be in love.
To let just anything
in like that. I'm
worried. A grownup
woman eats
candy for breakfast
on the train and order
begins to fall apart
like teeth. These
sightings I've been
collecting and care
nothing for. We do
what we want. Soon
I'Il watch a different set
of movements altogether
and I don't even have
to plan it. A thought
about what's happening
has nowhere to be.
When the lady
in the train station
tells me You don't judge,
you don't judge a person
until you step on his shoes,
it stays there.

Copyright © 2015 Laura Eve Engel All rights reserved
from Barn Owl Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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