Today's poem is by Devon Moore

For Knives, Bridges, and Balconies

The pears I bought and put in the glass bowl are cinnamon stick red
and rough. Pleasurable it is, the cutting them up and the looking.

Question: What couldn't you help but do in a room where one wall
is a window? Answer: See all the other rooms you're not in.

The improbability of probability is a law we know. One day it snowed,
ir hailed, it rained, but we were surprised when the sun shone.

Once you slept in a hotel room next to a balcony
and the back of your soon-to-be-ex-lover was a ledge. You are still

backing away.

All this pathos looks the same. Even if she's not
the one who jumped off a bridge, she is.

Copyright © 2015 Devon Moore All rights reserved
from Apology of a Girl Who Is Told She Is Going to Hell
Mayapple Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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