Today's poem is by Michael Bazzett

I Went to the Market

I went to the market to sell this
body because the man said take

what is living and make it dead
capital and build a pile of coins.

Okay, I said and I climbed onto
my bike and pedaled downtown

where I found a spot in the sun
and disrobed and felt the warm

light over new parts of my body
& breeze tussling my 6.ne hairs

and I peeled the fresh dressing
from my new tattoo that said

For Sale in clean sans-serif font
etched neatly across my heart.

Is this some sort of street theater?
asked an old woman, smiling.

You know, a performance, or
some kind of art installation?

I noticed you placed the tattoo
right where the logo goes. Yes,

I said. So she began to explain
to the gathering crowd what was

happening and put a shoebox
at my feet which slowly filled

with coins. I love how utterly
you ironize the silver, she said.

Right, I said, lifting the heavy
box as I began to follow her

to her car. The sun had sunk
and my junk was getting cold.

What are you doing, she asked.
What are you doing? I repeated.

I jingled the heavy box to make
my point: I clearly belong to you

now. She stopped and stared
for a long time and finally said,

You're an idiot, aren't you?
Yes, I said, but I'm also a man

of my word.

Copyright © 2015 Michael Bazzett All rights reserved
from West Branch
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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