Today's poem is by Henry Crawford

It Does Kind of Burn. Goodbye. *

[he was burning] and [he was trying to tell us something]
[he was on fire] and [he was trying to be objective]
["it burns"] [and he was trying to let us know] [that it does burn]
[that it was burning] and [that's what it "does"] it burns
and [he was trying to tell us, "I'm on fire"] and
[he was letting us know] ["It feels like I'm burning"]
[and he was trying to lessen the burning] [kind of]
[so he used the words, "kind of'] [yes, he was burning]
[but only "kind of'] like [having kind of a dream] and
[being kind of awake] like [being kind of happy] and
[feeling kind of blue] like being ["kind of' on fire]
and [he was kind of saying goodbye] and [he was trying]
[to tell us something][ about saying goodbye] and
[he had this word] and [it only takes one word to say goodbye] and
[he was trying to tell us "Goodbye!"] and [he was burning] and
[he was kind of leaving] and [he was trying to tells us something]
and some of them heard him say "goodbye."

*The last words of Jose Villegas before being put to death by lethal
injection by the State of Texas on April 16, 2014

Copyright © 2015 Henry Crawford All rights reserved
from Boulevard
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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