Today's poem is by Aaron Anstett

Atoms in Their Orbits

The particulars of remembering, spray
of water beyond the singularity of its gravity-
defying thrust, color of carpet hairs

under fingernails, or screech oflaughter
one hotel hallway at an ice machine's
languid rumbling, or the house of my childhood

haunted by what menace, mysterious
injuries. Gingerly, the wind, with hints
of vanilla, tobacco, wet stone, continues

over whatever Texas road down which a thin
dog falters, brothel, your skin,
public wall on which hand-scrawled messages appear,

grass seldom slept on well or long, skeleton
in the mountains after the thaw, glass
shattered on asphalt, many glittering windows.

Copyright © 2014 Aaron Anstett All rights reserved
from Insofar as Heretofore
The Backwaters Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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