Today's poem is by Ronnie Yates


Mary abandoned to the delectable horses,
Heavenly offering, a pleasant alone
And horse glory of heat, like a circus at bedtime

Next door compensated by morning when
Wedding girls scatter white shards, each
An edifice of pure sounds written beneath chiding.

Unmapped judgments famishing protest, but an accident
Still alive and entire to us, the small-time operators
Of matinees and flowers, Nothing finished

Nor bird hurried. The eastern sky a leaf fire
Stuttering higher between disused skins
Advertising wreckage and windows, like an airport

In a museum. The horses fled higher, no brighter
Than the plain purpose of every element,
A grace gone hurt and wandering.

Copyright © 2015 Ronnie Yates All rights reserved
from Colorado Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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