Today's poem is by Julie Carr

[And behind me lies a man]

And behind me lies a man
      My throat flutters like banners and flags
If books are happy, then I am closer to grass, closer to grass and to sky

      Professor of crying, I said to the rain
      suspended between embarrassed plants and the sun that burns
            with embedded intentions
What's the minimum font size I should consider?
Why does the cloud fly from its cave?
There's a very small window in which I can use my panic to write better,
      this has not been
      one of those times. Professor of unreasonable expectations
I wanted to give you an update:

From between my teeth", blond centuries abort themselves
      so all my new vowels are clean
And lower, in my omphaloid hollows, shallows and shadows
eat stealthily
      from each other's bowls

Copyright © 2015 Julie Carr All rights reserved
from Think Tank
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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