Today's poem is "Money"

from Ninth Letter

Ricardo Pau-Llosa's latest book of poems is Man (Carnegie Mellon). He is also an art critic and curator.

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Books by Ricardo Pau-Llosa:

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"Monstrance Man"
"Flight to L.A."

Ricardo Pau-Llosa's Website.

Ricardo Pau-Llosa according to Wikipedia.

About Man:

"The man in Ricardo Pau-Llosa's poems is a meditator, art collector, son, lover, and penitent. He ponders 'the simplest things' in a variety of moods, and spread of human values, with unfaltering rhetorical grace. Man is a terrific book."
—Carol Frost

"Everything in Pau-Llosa's man-world is rendered sacramental, even mundane chores like hosing the yard; the resolve not to spill food on his shirt becomes a prayer. The poems of this volume are lush with metaphor and the verdant landscape of tropical Miami. But if there are flowers here, they are the flowers of evil; the path to grace is the way of Blasphemy.. Pau-Llosa's imagination: ranges with Rabelaisian humor and subversive, mischievous irony, over a rich terrain of art and human possibility, butt the best of these poems, like 'Patmos Man,' speak to us eloquently from the desert, the place of the spirit in a time of eternal drought."
—Peg Boyers

"Compelling, impossible to put down, an extraordinary play on quotidian experience by a master storyteller. The opening lines alone, so deceptively simple: 'Legal's legal. She turns 18 at midnight,' or 'What if he lost the lotto ticket? / The man worries about such things.' draw you into a world full of Kafkaesque humor, wit, surprising leaps of imagination, the paradoxes and ironies of real life. Each poem is a puzzle that builds to an unpredictable climax leaving you dazzled, mystified, eager for more. The imagery is rich, detailed, suffusing the poem with a beauty rare in satire."
—Ron De Maris

About Ninth Letter:

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