Today's poem is "Ordinary Citizens"

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Mary Biddinger's most recent book is A Sunny Place with Adequate Water. Poems have recently appeared in Green Mountains Review, Denver Quarterly, Pleiades, and Sou'wester. She teaches poetry writing and literature at the University of Akron.

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October 2, 2014:   "In Which We Sense That We Are Not Alone" "Various miracles of the most outlandish sort..."
br>March 1, 2013:   "A Trick Knee" "My humor was not an ill humor...."

May 9, 2013:   "Risk Management Memo: Small Enterprise" "You wanted to open a café called..."
February 29, 2012:   "A Coin-Operated Button-Down Collar" "There are lines at the station..."
August 8, 2011:   "Saint Monica Wishes on the Wrong Star" "Maybe they were both the wrong star...."
July 13, 2010:   "Confluence" "In place of everything that came..."
April 19, 2007:   "Drift" " What you did that day..."

Books by Mary Biddinger:

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"Risk Management Memo: Above the Law"
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"Risk Management Memo: Continuing Education"
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"Girl in Chair"
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"An Excursion"
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October 22 2015:   "Like An Oyster Opening" by Caroline Manring
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September 19, 2007:   "Elemental: Nitrogen" by Suzanne Heyd
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December 16, 2006:   "Sky: An Inquiry" by Leslie Ullman
April 12, 2005:  "Cardinal Virtue" by Nicky Beer
September 7, 2004:  "Tantalus" by Robert B. Shaw
March 28, 2004:  "Moving the Moon" by Deborah Bogen
September 22, 2003:  "Aubade" by Richard Foerster
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