Today's poem is "High-Strung"
from Angles of Separation

Glass Lyre Press

Judith Skillman holds a Masters in English Literature from the University of Maryland, and has taught at University of Phoenix, Richard Hugo House, City University, and Yellow Wood Academy. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, FIELD, The Southern Review, The Iowa Review, Midwest Quarterly Review, Seneca Review, Prairie Schooner, First Water: Best of Pirene's Fountain, and other journals and anthologies. She has been a Writer in Residence at the Centrum Foundation in Port Townsend, Washington, and The Hedgebrook Foundation. At the Center for French Translation in Seneffe, Belgium, she translated Belgian-French poet Anne-Marie Derèse.

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Judith Skillman's Website.

Judith Skillman according to Wikipedia.

About Angles of Separation:

"Angles of Separation is a collection of little gifts from a writer at the height of her powers. Judith Skillman's trademarks are a sharpened wit coupled with dense and memorable imagery. She is a resource library of the natural world which she superimposes onto irreal narratives that order the inchoate and land somewhere between the realms of French post-impressionism and abstract expressionism. Skill man's unique brand of poetry is full of surprises."
—Jana Harris

"Judith Skillman speaks in tongues in the manner of Greek myths, and Shakespeare, and experimental language. The personal becomes the universal becomes the personal, over and over again. She inhabits a natural world akin to those explored by Barbara Hurd or Lisa Couturier, and yet, everything is surreal or combustible, needing just a spark of music, or philosophy, or dreams, to burst into flame. Skillman perceives that once we see the burning bush, we brush up against the supernatural hidden behind the everydayness of our lives."
—Richard Peabody

"Judith Skillman's Angles of Separation reflects the kind of deep darkness where everything shines in sharp relief illuminated by an unseen source. Fine details spring to life, showing the tyranny of time and the mystery of angu ish, where 'a certain cruelty thrives.' The poems are precisely wrought, intelligent and should be read by all who think about this life we share deeply."
—Judith Roche

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