Today's poem is "Forced Analogy"

from Meridian

John Estes directs the Creative Writing Program at Malone University in Canton, Ohio. The author of the collecction Kingdom Come (C&R Press, 2011) and two chapbooks: Breakfast with Blake at the Laocoon (Finishing Line Press, 2007) and Swerve (Poetry Society of America, 2009). He holds a PhD with emphases in poetics and environmental literature from the University of Missouri.

Other poems by John Estes in Verse Daily:
March 27, 2014:   "Slow News" "These are momentary sensations, the wild, the windswept...."
September 15, 2011:   "I Foresee the Breaking of All That Is Breakable" "Perhaps after all it is, merely, a desire..."
November 10, 2009:   "Stray Paragraphs, February, Year of the Rat" "Why we resist coming after, coming second, coming late..."

Books by John Estes:

Other poems on the web by John Estes:
"The Cell"
"Retroactive Continuity"
"Spare Myths"
"The Poem As Lifehack"
[At the solstice]
"Round About"
"Last Supper"

John Estes's Website.

About Meridian:

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