Today's poem is by Tomaž Šalamun

Toof Toof: the Arc

Hungry bird from Samarkand
chews the putrid leaves.
What's wrong, honey?
Nobody makes you warm?
In Chihahua I've seen such a train,
that I carried it on my chest.
And if l roll you into my trunk
and carry you more toward South,
will you be more of bad repute?
We'll do like this, birdie.
I'll put dripping on my salad
and put you into my backpack,
as birds cannot travel by train.
There I'll provide you so many worms
you'll squint with your eyes.
And then you'll again fly away
fit and so strong to be able
to break the window pane.

Translated from the Slovenian by Michael Thomas Taren and the author.

Copyright © 2014 Tomaž Šalamun All rights reserved
from Bateau
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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