Today's poem is by James Gendron


They fear dying and dying fears them,
these seven-billion haunted human bodies
aka humans. I look out my real eyes
into the world's longest ghost story;
the one that begins, In the beginning...
and touches the long struggle by ghosts
to cultivate the negative orchards
that sustain them. I'm afraid of my life,
now that it's totally average. Now I have
enough memories to be sad all the time,
their meaning is something I consider
not at all, until it becomes darkly clear,
like wearing sunglasses that work
a little too well. Whoops, I meant sunglesses.
My opponent is the process of going hungry.
Not the rain, but the height the rain falls from,
allowing me to live by preventing
my seeing myself. I wish I still believed
in Heaven and Hell, but I don't. Just Hell.

Copyright © 2014 James Gendron All rights reserved
from Salt Hill
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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