Today's poem is by Richard Vargas

something to look forward to

i'm visiting the local
senior citizen center
for the first time because
my age qualifies me to
use their brand new gym
and their 50 cents per visit
is a deal i can't pass up

the lady at the main desk
points out the way and
as i walk through the
building i see old guys
sitting alone working
on 500-piece jigsaw puzzles
and a group of elderly
dames following directions
as their young instructor
leads them through some
stretching exercises
another group of people
are sitting at tables
chatting away and eating
their sr. citizen lunch

i'm thinking "whoaaa, this is like
being back in kindergarten"
and even though the new
gym looks pretty cool
i'm going to have to
give this some thought because
coming here regularly is going
to make me feel like
i'm just a few steps away

from the last recess

Copyright © 2014 Richard Vargas All rights reserved
from Guernica, revisited
Press 53
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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