Today's poem is by Francesca Chabrier

Cheek Against Soft Pumpkin Fur

I am me, but I am a cow.
You are a river.
You think I am cute.
You call me kitten-cow
You are a river, but your water
looks like a hologram
and when I look at you,
I see a fake reflection.
You tell me I am wearing
we scarves even though
I have mittens on.
I throw a coin at you,
but you are not a fountain.
You ask me to meow
for you, but I won't.
I feed you chocolate, and we play that game
where I write on your leg with my finger.
You brush my hair for 2 hours
while d spell things like:
cheek against soft pumpkin fur, and
I would come to you on a rubber gull.
The eyes and the faces become less easy
to make out in the night,
but we go on and on.
Wax ponyfish. Japanese fog.
I am stupid at stopping.

Copyright © 2014 Francesca Chabrier All rights reserved
from Throw Yourself Into the Prairie
Sarabande Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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