Today's poem is by Joelle Biele


That I pushed too hard, that I did not
believe, that I lost you and did not hear
you leave, that all I wanted was to hear

your feet, know you felt the same stones
as me, that I wanted to see your face,
know more than your body going forward

and back, that I find myself in these woods
looking for wool snagged on branches
or trapped under stray leaves. I did not accept

what my body told me. I listened to my sisters,
was only too ready to agree you weren't
who you made yourself out to be. I do not

know if I'll find you or if I'll cross that river
or get through the reeds or if I can tell you
I did not know you wanted night as much as me.

Copyright © 2014 Joelle Biele All rights reserved
from Broom
Bordighera Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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