Today's poem is by C. J. Sage


To lose a certain figuration,
as when a body's form,
even its smoothest,

pinkest form, nubbed
only with colorwheels
of potential, disintegrates,

like a sprinkled cone left
in the body of a summer car
will change from treat

to pocked puddle.
As when a lush, dense body,
reduced by heat to liquid,

can no longer feed
a massive, spinning
body of childlike appetites.

To cause to disappear.
To cause to fade or pass.
As noun, a body of material

in the molten state.
Also, the spleens
of slaughtered animals.

            To become a body altered.
Or, as kinder verb,
evolve to mild or tender.

To soften,
if all are lucky, mind
over blazing-hungry body.

                        After Walter Robinson's sculpture `Melt"
                        (at the San Jose Museum ofArt)

Copyright © 2014 C. J. Sage All rights reserved
from Crazyhorse
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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