Today's poem is by Kristy Bowen

Girl Show

I may speak like a woman, but my throat
is a lovely murder, a dark tent.

Even the grift reeks of prairie heat,
the men, their teeth glowing in the gaslight.

Bed-blind and beautiful, I can recite the US capitals
while removing my stockings, can pull

a goldfish from my cunt and amber my limbs
around women like bending spoons.

For a dime, watch me fuck the menagerie's
wan beasts in their filthy cages.

Snake charm, fire dance, sword swallow.
You can put anything in my mouth by now.

With only a thumb,
pluck the folded note of my tongue.

Copyright © 2014 Kristy Bowen All rights reserved
from Girl Show
Black Lawrence Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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