Today's poem is by Robin Becker

Dog Person

Like burdocks, loyalty attaches to her.

Will get quilled or skunked
without learning a thing about character—

when threatened, she bites.
When bitten, she recoils.

Traveling by automobile, she prefers
a front seat.

Surpasses her peers in agility and execution.

Leashed, she pulls.
Freed, she heels.

Lavishes attention on beloveds
upon whom she sits and boldly kisses.

She selects from her basket a sequence
of oddments and returns them one by one.

Although she may become obsessed
with one thing or another,

she excels in neatness.

Sailing, she sports a blue-and-white
bandana and takes the stern.

Will repeatedly try to rescue a dummy.

Copyright © 2014 Robin Becker All rights reserved
from Tiger Heron
University of Pittsburgh Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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