Today's poem is by Stacy Kidd

Choose your poison

Choose your Texas, your bataille & your Baton Rouge.
Choose a big, eye-open sky after sky & die a little
right here, in nobody's arms, because the country is not as wide as you will it.

Will it to your unborn daughter & to your unborn grandmother
& to where you come from because coming from anyone matters,
no bother the blood or how you brother your own childhood.

Generous the small-myth and the township and the moonshine
war wherein figures a greening sun so green there is always uncertainty.
Hold fast when no one is rocking, when every body sleeps or breaks

away & the earth comes down you, comes down on you, Oklahoma.

Copyright © 2014 Stacy Kidd All rights reserved
from The Journal
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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