Today's poem is by Jenny Sadre-Orafai

We Can Be Anything We Couldn't Be

Here is the sunset every painter has painted
once—the one right before movie credits.
Here is the largest love you'll ever feel
before you die. We can say it's a wave
and it comes in and takes us back out
to dying and death and endings and violins
and pianos flung in the middle of the ocean
on purpose by teenagers. We can say we played
songs in our sleep on that piano, sand fanning
around our toes, and there was no resistance
in the ocean, in our deaths. We can be anything
we couldn't be before. We're the percussion
section. We can never die since we are already
dead, since everyone knows we're prized ghosts.

Copyright © 2014 Jenny Sadre-Orafai All rights reserved
from Paper, Cotton, Leather
Press 53
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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