Today's poem is by Michael Teig

Self Portrait: Swimming in Monkeys

A quiver of pines. A parcel of monkeys.
Any of several long-eared monkeys,
usually collating. Usually a stranger,
or several strangers at once.
A collating monkey. Probably a man.
For many years over many tables
a registry and other panels. Compare with coping.
A pressurized modular component. Web
monkey. See also chitinous—it's stupid.
A clump of boys unintentionally difficult.
A clump of toys. A cord. Probably simpler.
See fuzz. See blue candy wrapper.
Asimilar sentence. The apartment
at dusk is empty or picked
clean, the swallows passing
into the brambles unbidden.

Copyright © 2013 Michael Teig All rights reserved
from There's a Box in the Garage You Can Beat with a Stick
BOA Editions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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