Today's poem is by Lee Upton

Song of the Jellyfish
for Jim Toia

ďThey called aloud, ĎOur Sieve ainít big,
But we donít care a button! we donít care a fig!
In a Sieve weíll go to sea!íĒ

                        —Edward Learís ďThe JumbliesĒ

If Iím sap in a bladder or a
bubbling rain cap, or a frisked canopy,
I gargle through the deep in a superior sieve.
And I donít care a fig who goes extinct.
Iím not evolving anymore.

The shark is a perfect instrument,
a muscle of the fabulous,
gliding teeth, eyes flat as a psychopathís.
Why should he change? And why should I?
Iím not evolving anymore.

Sometimes itís a good idea to stop before
the brain stem develops, donít you think?
Sometimes itís a bad idea
to run like gravy onto shore.
Why not let the tide decide for us both?

Thatís preferable to herding around a brain
thatís not on your side
and tears your nerves to smoke.
Whatever happens to the sea I squeeze,
Iím not evolving anymore.

I bear myself. I cope.
The world can end, and Iíll fend for myself.
What do I care about what they do next door?
Be human, as if I care.
Iím not evolving anymore.

Copyright © 2013 Lee Upton All rights reserved
from River Styx
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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