Today's poem is by Nick Courtright

Nothing Nice to Say

When I hear the air-conditioner kick on
I am not sufficiently grateful, and the same is true
when a small parrot lunges after a plastic ball
while I am trying to get across a very complex element
of my theory. Please help me
by telling me how much better looking I am
than I think I am. It's true that you shouldn't
fish for compliments and it's true
that sometimes a compliment is exactly what is needed:
I hoped someone would come to say goodbye
but no one did. It's been too long
since nature was subjectively as grand as objectively,
and for that we know who to blame. The dreams
that carry the most weight are those
when you're actually already partially awake; because
you're partially awake. At the zoo
it's hard to feel good but hopefully this zoo
is a rescue zoo where you can read
about how the lion used to be whipped in the circus
or how the wolf was on the brink of starvation
before she was confiscated from her owners.
In that case, you can smile about the luck of a nice cage.

Copyright © 2013 Nick Courtright All rights reserved
from Conduit
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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