Today's poem is by Christopher Bolin

Equation for Cresting

This is the world's reenactment of today,
and of this moment,

    and of continuing on-with its satellite imaging of scattering birds
obscuring our faces—
and this is the world's reenactment of its percentages:
of the constant shifting of the satellites
and the constant scattering of the birds and the likelihood

that we will be seen;
and this is the reenactment of someone choosing your face

to remember—and of your growing flushed or turning, slightly,
toward a window
with a red shade;
and of the birds' shapes appearing through its fabric—which is
the reenactment

of our traverse
of the capital

            with the flags of thin material gaining symbols in the wind.

Copyright © 2013 Christopher Bolin All rights reserved
from Ascension Theory
University of Iowa Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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