Today's poem is by Peter Davis

The Egyptian Revolution of 2011

I just love my kids. I mean what does love even mean
when you've got my kids involved. I'm so glad when it's
a snow day and they get to stay home from school. I think
it's fucking great when there's a snow day. I think it's great
when they're home. And in this moment when they're
not here and I'm alone in this house I start writing
and what do I start writing I start writing how
I love my kids. I am amazed at myself, really. I mean what
can I do, as a human? I can love my kids a shit ton is one
thing. I didn't know I could be so loving. I never figured
I was unloving, I just didn't know I'd love my kids so much.
I really love them. It is icy out but I took them each
to a friend's house for something to do. I want them to
be happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy.
I hope they grow into large machines of love who swell around
town and make little quiet neighborhoods weep. I hope
they have kids so I can have kids again who maybe I will
love like how I love my kids. Maybe they'll be like my kids
and so I will love them how I love my kids.
What I love about my kids is unbelievable. I don't believe it.
It's such a world of love that there is no word for it.
And what really kills me is that many other people in this
world, who are humans, have felt the love that I have for my
kids and their love is no different and my love is no better
and my love in no more pure or less pure or unequal to
in any way. This is nothing to mention, how much I love
my kids. There is nothing to say about that at all. This
dangerous fucking world with its corruptness
and violent revolutions and whatnot. Bull whips and
slip knots and ugly ugly messy stuff. And it's only
so ugly and ugly and messy and stuff because of how much
I love my kids.

Copyright © 2013 Peter Davis All rights reserved
from Tina
Bloof Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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