Today's poem is by Nate Pritts

Demonstrated Melancholy

I would like to request a volunteer.
Please raise your hand

only if you area lovely singer
in possession of your own voice.

Please raise your hand only if your hand
is actually a sunflower. Some materials

will be supplied but others
you should bring from home. You must

have a home from which you can bring things.
I need help reconstructing these crayons

that broke in half after she told me
what I kept drawing wasn't right enough.

I have a thing for dinosaurs & lunar cities.
I was trapped in a mythical past; I was imagining

an improbable future.
I need you to bring me a really long saw because

I am going to put you in this box
& prove that I understand the finality

of separation. You're going to need
to bring some replacement parts

for the parts of you damaged in the performance.
I'm going to cover you with a sheet

& when you disappear you will need to yell
indicating to the congregation

that you are disappearing. Can you yell
frantically? I may need to say "I am in love with you"

but trust me: it's only temporary. When I snap
my fingers, you'll wake up & forget all of this.

Copyright © 2013 Nate Pritts All rights reserved
from Right Now More Than Ever
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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