Today's poem is by Jillian Weise

Decent Recipe for Tilapia

Tell your back home friends it means nothing
and you will drop him as soon as you have
friends in the city. If you had more friends,

you would not sleep with him. If not him,
who would share your Tilapia? No beloved meal
begins, "Alone before a plate of fish ..."

Find your market. "Are you single?" the man
behind the counter asks. What to think?
For meals, you are inside a couple.

From inside the couple, you have someone
to call while standing in line. "Does your
girlfriend know?" you must never ask.

Instead, "So many fish and which?"
The laws of attraction are this: There are
no laws of attraction. A person likes

a person. Both parties like each other
and in each other enjoy being liked.
Baste the fish in lemon and butter.

They say it takes time to meet people.
Do you agree? Sleep with your friend.
Disagree? Cut him off. Put it in the oven.

Copyright © 2013 Jillian Weise All rights reserved
from The Book of Goodbyes
BOA Editions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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