Today's poem is by Robert Lee Brewer

cold water

we spill ourselves all over ourselves
              our excess light
                            our forgiving natures

once we wandered the creek together
              forecasted our futures
                            bright and tightly spun

of course we unraveled and marveled
              at our unraveling
                            trying to put a name to it

when we failed we created a myth
              passed it to our children
                            who reached out eager to see

as they departed to who knows what
              we ached for the creek and our futures
                            running across the wet stones

smooth and round but when we found
              the water again we bent at the bank
                            all of us afraid to enter

Copyright © 2013 Robert Lee Brewer All rights reserved
from Solving the World's Problems
Press 53
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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