Today's poem is by Katie Peterson

Beneath the Altar

Beneath Zeusí altar
theyíve found a god older
than Zeus: praise that.
Which womb wandered
half hidden from view
for her or him?
Are all gods carried
before they come to us?

Winter cottonwood frozen
in a picture of fear: no one
carries you & you splay.
I carry you as an image
few would turn to: in your light
my arms are many
and inflexible as fate.

I carry you anyway.
In the light of eight
your power of shadow
comes into you.

The god before Zeus
had an idea of power
but not power itself. I know this
because itís what Iíve got
& Iím not born yet.

Beneath the altar bones and script.
They say a cow with child
just thinks sheís sick.

Copyright © 2013 Katie Peterson All rights reserved
from Permission
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Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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