Today's poem is by Ann Lauterbach

A Fold in Time

Not to swerve off the road
dust runs in the family

of the dream
speaking into the sheet

shrouded in you
in which you

shortly after the curtains
addressed the flood

the ratio
were detained, saying

repeated frequently
need to want spoken

near the foxed copy of Yeats
under the stained eaves

had been abused
thematically after the earrings

whispered at the door
want to need ushered in

as the dream is not in the real
the door is not in the dream

rose cloth shade
hidden dark assembly

charged objects in space
what is called optimism

among the not dead
certain distributions

leaning toward the mouth
spoken in the

western sky
embrace or image

not biography although
this too, dear instructor,

and the thump of footsteps
that cruel intimacy

at the threshold
above the abrasion:

Did you cry?
Prayer spoken, arrested.

Copyright © 2013 Ann Lauterbach All rights reserved
from Under the Sign
Penguin Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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