Today's poem is by Sidney Wade



the water
the grasses

sun and wind
and alligators

on the move
in the sink


and bleat
as the wings

of the boat-
tailed grackle

and he purple

and royal blue
and green passes

this beautiful

high system
each creature

here pursues
another and

the beating
flailing thing

fights down
the gullet

to become
the shine on

another's wing
I wish

for equanimity
in the face

of this I want
to slide into

this great
grim maw

with the grace
of the gator

as he eases
himself onto

the bank
in the sun

and creaks
and smiles

just like

settling into
a leather sofa

Copyright © 2011 Sidney Wade All rights reserved
from Birmingham Poetry Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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