Today's poem is by Eva Saulitis

You Darkness
        after Rilke

October darkness (can't)
take me in, tap at my window, lure
me to your half-bitten frost-light
(rose fringe) over new snow, over
mountain snout, sleep, gentle, open
your mouth, you my lord of leaf fall
(of whitening), take this,
(unforgiven) down the trail through
meadows, down the eroded gully
(my thoughts) and as I watch
(softest parts flushing)
most horizon, cold to the edge—
ridgeline—glacial tongue,
take my mind, darkness
(that I cannot love) & I'll step into
the alders, under the goshawk's killing
tree (above me, looking through & past
—flayed beneath—picked clean) be not
so pretty, so pink, erasure
who unfolds, holds this (madness)
pressed in the swale, creek bed
(jealous lover) take me cold and hard.
Still this (something) comes (not) asking
for my logical, into this (my private),
demon lover you are below the horizon,
blue as a black eye.

Copyright © 2012 Eva Saulitis All rights reserved
from Many Ways to Say It
Red Hen Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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