Today's poem is by CM Burroughs

The Power of the Vulnerable Body


precursor to our shank-less entrances. Nothing strapped at the ankle or

              in the mouth

but two pairs of six. We felt ourselves fortunate to have beds and bodies

              to lay

inside of at night. Like a man in the female outhouse, he and I tried to hurt

              each other

so that the public could not break our skin; we used our canines/birdshots/

              live matches/

rope. We wanted to do everything that could be done to us. We used

              Nth words,

which did the swift damage. There was a gash where he said "[


Thankfully, he could sew. I was all new within the week except for the


He had to hold my face in his hands and say, "look at me, I love you"


times before my eyes washed and it was him again. We strode into


For recovery, should we have underestimated the public, we stored the chains

              in black boxes.

Copyright © 2012 CM Burroughs All rights reserved
from The Vital System
Tupelo Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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