Today's poem is by Catherine Pierce

The Universe is a Madam

Your star-marked hair is set
with laissez-faire,
but you blink and comets
hightail it. All my life I've tried
to be like you. All my life
I've failed. What do I have to do
to match your husk-voice, your red-
light-pulse?You with your
Spin inside me, worlds.Your
Today a fire appears, today one blackens.
Some nights I walk through
my silent neighborhood with my head down.
I'm giving you a chance, Universe.
Pluck me up. Scold me. Tell me
I'm failing, that the clients
have complained. Then give me
one more chance. Go, I'd like to
hear you say, supernovas churning
inside your gaping mouth,
and make me proud.

Copyright © 2012 Catherine Pierce All rights reserved
from The Girls of Peculiar
saturnalia books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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