Today's poem is by Blueberry Elizabeth Morningsnow

The Wall, I Sing

            I will a wall into the landscape

Vineprints with delicate hanging rootlets:
I now rip flowers off the wall and I sing:
                            drowned ants in your stem juice!
What is it to be this close
                            but still just here or there:
a wall fills the sky. A wall fills the sky.

Against death, a mix of light, and I will a wall—

Getting older and old        until milliseconds
press their fastness right up to your fastness
              and dance like destroyers. What-what
and reconfigure.

As all rivers, sexual, bowing partly to the sun
and ripe and intense and then to sing here again:
              a wall fills the sky. A wall fills the sky.

Copyright © 2012 Blueberry Elizabeth Morningsnow All rights reserved
from Whale in the Woods
Rescue Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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