Today's poem is by Jehanne Dubrow

Puberty, as the Character of Gordon Gekko
        Wall Street (1987)

Greed was good, and I
was wingtipped and diversified.

I had a lot to teach you, pal,
about the way ambition ticks

inside of us, how it rises like a stock
then bottoms out.

I clipped the caps of big cigars.
I sold while things were hot.

Who fucked with me was fucked.
Kid, buddy, schmuck—I was the art

of war, if war was suspenders
and a shark-blue shirt.

I was the fat portfolio, fat wad
of bills, vein of fat in a slab of beef.

Greed was good. And I
was a Maserati driven off a cliff.

Copyright © 2012 Jehanne Dubrow All rights reserved
from Red Army Red
Triquarterly Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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