Today's poem is by Philip Memmer


For when I inquire of you Why?
              you do not answer. For
              when you inquire

Why of me, you do not listen.
              And yet both of us lift
              this world and death

in response. Give me an answer
              better than what has been
, I plead,

I know there must be one. Accept
              the answer I gave you
              you plead, it's all

I have. And though neither of us
              can hear the other,
              we both decide

to live in this world, and to speak,
              as a demonstration
              that our answers

are sufficient, our questions worth
              asking, and the silence
              between us, good.

Copyright © 2012 Philip Memmer All rights reserved
from The Storehouses of the Snow
Lost Horse Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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