Today's poem is by Amanda Nadelberg

Our Situation

The open mouth moves to the field,

uncovers lost teeth and little white

birds taking notes on talking.

In this way and barely, the grass moves

with intention. Strong indications

of the mouth, I will still shower,

which is good. The maps now stuck

in the tallest grass, you will stay

until everything's over. Having beat

the rain, the country is different

for absence. Sympathetic ass, you

will wait. Without any edges the light

is slow, without teeth, never mind. It is

just too bad. Waking children from

anything, the sun keeps going and our

people go back to the supposed farm.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and I say things

because I'm going to lead you to a place and

when we get there it will be so sad. Like you won't

be able to find your feet, and we are small

animals. We could have that in common,

if you'd try being kind. We are a lot of

clapping here. So you don't like flowers?

Fine. Hideous people can have each other,

I don't care. I just don't want to be

the assassin. It would kill the mice.

Copyright © 2012 Amanda Nadelberg All rights reserved
from Bright Brave Phenomena
Coffee House Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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