Today's poem is by Emily Pettit

Object In Our Conscience

I heard a shark. It sounded like shock.
The noise the water makes. The noise
the shark makes the water make.
Your eyes rise from the sea.
The sea from a story you know not.
We can dance later and later.
Take the wrong risks later.
I would like to display gratitude for
encouragement now. Thank you
for liking my face in your dream!
To display gratitude for encouragement,
simply do anything. Your response
is your responsibility. Hello everybody.
Break in. Cheer and clap. In Sweden
there are fish everywhere! Throw
your eyes off. Mom's on the radio again!
You want to go into the structure
and for the structure to love you.
For it to be warm in the structure and full
of love. Full of geometry and innovation.
Like how our heads hide the water.
Like how our heads hide the water
that is in our head.

Copyright © 2012 Emily Pettit All rights reserved
from Bone Bouquet
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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