Today's poem is by Juliana Gray

Portrait of My Mother as the Rush Hour Traffic Report

Itís murder on the interstates tonight.
From high above in Action Chopper Nine,
the gridlocked lanes seem filled with firelight,
like torches of a mob waiting in line.
The highways arenít much better. Even routes
that only locals knowóthe two-lane street
behind the mall, the road that overshoots
your former high schoolóall ways spell defeat.
Why didnít you leave earlier? Why
didnít you plan ahead? We told you how
difficult it is, just getting by.
Action Chopper Nine canít help you now!
Whatís so great out there that you have to roam?
Be safe, be warm, donít suffer, stay home.

Copyright © 2012 Juliana Gray All rights reserved
from Roleplay
Dream Horse Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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