Today's poem is by Weston Cutter

Lovesongs For Boxwrenches

I built this mobile because I believe
in gravity but not Calder and I built these

lips because I wondered how you'd
taste after and I wrote all this music, these

lovesongs for box wrenches and ballads to
leafless trees and fugues for the confusion

of constant movement, just so I'd have
something to sing when it got too dark

to look you in the eye. I wrote all this yet
still god leaves, the earth slips the nets

we set each night. We wear our layers like
the leaves of autumn trees, whole rivers swim

within fish, the oceans pull moons from
my infinite body but my next song has

only the word Goodbye and it's incorrectly
whispered. I built these legs because

beauty is its own reason (though not
the reason for these legs) and I built this

house to hide in but I built this window
for you, for you to come see me. My next

song will begin soon enough with the last
words of the first Bible but until then

come sit at my window and pretend again
that god is lightning and thunder. If god

is not these fingers nor these guns nor
the squaredances people shake to ask

for rain, come sit with me and try not
to pray as the thunder finds its home.

Copyright © 2012 Weston Cutter All rights reserved
from All Black Everything
New Michigan Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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