Today's poem is by Rochelle Hurt

Honey the Sky Ain't Going

Bad weather come, but best
leave wind bone-break you,
honey, good and down.

Honey leave the kids swim
in cyanide tubs.
                          Leave them
bloat-lips thank that bitter liquid
for its warm tickle.
lizard tongue in their veins,
honey come bark-crawling down
that no good lookout.

Honey 'member the song
about sky-fall—and here the sky
and here the sky, and over here—
and we fell for it, dead-
            But bellbird lie, honey
bellbird gone honey, now
the sky sealed like cement honey
and ain't we still under it?

Copyright © 2012 Rochelle Hurt All rights reserved
from Columbia Poetry Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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