Today's poem is by Mary Ruefle

Elegy for a Game

Once I was on earth
and I liked it.
I got to look at my toes
underwater. They looked bigger
than they were in real life.
As anyone can tell by looking at it
sugar is meaningless.
You are not supposed to stay in the hot tub
longer than ten minutes.
After that it is meaningless.
Like white poinsettias.
I mean at Christmas.
Maybe Christmas is meaningless too
but we used to pretend it was not
and I liked that.
It's pointless.
I don't actually know what a football looks like.
I think they have something to do with babies.
The man is carrying a baby across a field.
He is trying to save it.
It's hard.
Sometimes people die trying to do things.
That's OK.
There are things more important
than life or death.
I miss holding my breath.

Copyright © 2012 Mary Ruefle All rights reserved
from the Southern Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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