Today's poem is by J.P. Dancing Bear

Debris of an Automobile Giving Birth to a Blind Horse Biting a Telephone

Its all fenders and hooves with you, she says: the raw light
bulb in retrograde: the radiator taking root: rows upon
rows of waiting for crops to grow themselves: you have a
strong urge to buck: shes still wearing her Miss Ingenuity
tiara: you can see how this is going: asphalt running its
course to gravel and dirt: broken spokes: horseshoes: a
need for stables and hay: rust jelly: this just makes your
tires itch: its a crescent wrench and horse neck for you,
: youre certain of the welding seams: land lines are
ready: shes answering the phone: yes, yes—hes here: but
your motor is revving

                                                  for William Carr

Copyright © 2012 J.P. Dancing Bear All rights reserved
from Family of Marsupial Centaurs and other birthday poems
Iris Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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