Today's poem is by Brandi Wells

[Dear Comma:]

Dear Comma:

        I know it's your birthday and I should have called. I was going
to call but I did things and then other things and then it was too
late. It's hard to talk to you. You: the pause between things. Stuck.
No end. Not accomplishing anything. So easily replaced.
        Yes I agree garbage truck driver is probably the best job you
could get after the dishonorable discharge and the statutory rape.
Yes it's nice that you're getting health benefits. But when you call
the only thing you want to talk about is your children and the truck
you're painting and how mayonnaise tastes great on sandwiches.
With you there is no future. There is no better job or better house
or better plan. It's wife and kids and mayonnaise sandwiches and
then sleep.
        I'm not so ready for the pause. I'm not so ready to settle.
Talking to you frightens me. Makes me think that the time we
spend together will be a pause that'll never end.


Copyright © 2012 Brandi Wells All rights reserved
from Parcel
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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