Today's poem is by Travis Mossotti

Dallas World Aquarium, Private Tour

In the special holding area
on the roof a howler monkey
hung from a rope inside
a clenched fist of wires.
I thought we were kindred
spirits so I howled and he
started up, but Regina said
I was stressing him out,
            so I stopped. Her eyes
grew dim like cracked china
on the edge, while back inside
jungle rot rose up from sewers,
a toucan screamed, and
from the canopy we looked down
at manatees swimming laps.
Our guide mentioned something
about educating the public
and scoring us free tee-shirts.
During the long drive back
to Glen Rose I tripped over
the sun and fell asleep.

Copyright © 2012 Travis Mossotti All rights reserved
from Sugar House Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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