Today's poem is by Sarah M. Wells

Creek Walk

Wading in the river current
            pulling me in like
                        sliding under covers—
I become part of the riverbed, sediment
            blending with my skin. I am woven
                        with wild grasses on banks,
molded to the surface of earth
            in perfect curves, body fluid, rooted.
                        I could be washed away with a little rain.
What trickles harmless around me now
            exposes roots of ancient trees
                        that lean toward light,
grow sideways to keep from sliding.
            They will join the rapid flow,
                        deteriorate with me and we will deposit
in a delta with every other swallowed figure
            from upriver. I dip my fingers in,
                        feel the stream make room for me.
I will share in this shifting
            of earth—dirt loosened
                        until the roots give way.

Copyright © 2012 Sarah M. Wells All rights reserved
from Pruning Burning Bushes
Wipf and Stock Publishers
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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